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Please Register With A Working Email Address

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Hotmail.co.uk and Hotmail.com email accounts are now banned as they cause to many problems with out servers. 

I have noticed people trying to register with either made up email addresses or email addresses that don't work
or are not valid/active, non working.
If you register with a email address that refuses or wont receive emails from Ovalbangerchat.co.uk then you will not
get your account activated and wont be able to view our forums.
This may be due to your spam settings or not adding ovalbangerchat or ovalchat[at]ovalbangerchat.co.uk to your approved mail list.

Also your newly created free email account may not yet activated,
if i receive notice that you email address is not active or discontinued or our emails have been bounced/refused then i will delete your account and you will have to re-register with a working email address.

Sure you can appreciate i do not want members joining with non working email accounts as this leads to further problems once a full member.
(you wont receive notifications, password retrieval problems, account message problems)

Lastly when you have registered an account, please check your mail inbox for an email from Ovalbangerchat and click the link to activate your account.

Thank You


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